Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you about the progress of negotiations concerning the first part of the guaranteed bonus for 2020.

We received TPCA’s response to our compromise proposal. We have suggested that the company would now pay the first part of the guaranteed bonus in a reduced amount, but this reduction would guarantee the payment of the bonus in February 2021. In other words: you would receive a little less now (as the company informed), but it would guaranteed that in February 2021 you will receive at least what the company will shorten for you now. This means that in 2020 you would in any case receive at least the minimum amount guaranteed by the wage policy directive.

We would like to inform, that the management promised us at the meeting that it would comment on this proposal. Instead, management only sent us a “minutes of the meeting” summarizing their arguments. They did not comment on our arguments or our compromise proposal.

That means that no agreement has yet been reached between us and the management, where the management justifies its opinion mainly by economic and social circumstances, which, according to it, allow this procedure (as communicated in the material on 17th June). Legally, the management basically argues that for the time you spent at home, you can not get a salary and therefore no bonus. However, the directive is written differently, which the management does not want to admit. Therefore, OÚP still does not agree with the opinion of the management, about which we will inform the management again and we will try to negotiate further. If the negotiations do not succeed, we will take the next steps.
However, due to the mode of payroll processing, please take into account that now on July 10, the guaranteed bonus will probably be shorted. Even if we agreed with the management in the week from 6 July, it is no longer possible to recalculate wages, so a possible agreement would not take effect until the following months.

We will keep you informed of further situation. We therefore ask for your patience.

Independent departments for maintenance and other workers