Guaranteed bonus

  • guaranteed amount = tariff wage they work on, bonus parameters (accidents, KPI, etc.) without affecting the amount of the guaranteed bonus
  • end collective guilt and punishment, deal with the individual and eventual the leader, the one who caused the injury, and not punish 3500 employees
  • what kind of explanation is given to the labour inspectorate in the case of an accident, that will be the solution for adjunct the guaranteed bonus as well


  • change the surcharge for work in continuous operation and in 12-hour operation from CZK 2 to CZK 20, or CZK 100 per hour. Who else works half a year on weekends or holidays?
  • extra payments for an extraordinary shift, transferred within the framework of KPD, overtime, etc., currently only for production, we want to introduce also for maintenance, as these shifts are directly related to maintenance, when it ensures the operation of these extraordinary production shifts
  • extra pay for night work, change from 10% to 20%, night work is the worst thing a company wants from employees

One-time bonus

  • – cancel the one-time bonus, Toyota cannot ensure equal production, we require a bonus for produced cars, namely 0.20 CZK for each produced car, and for all positions in the company


  • salary increase of 13% to the base by the amount from the TM3 salary


  • if an employee works more than 8 hours in the company, let him have the opportunity to buy another subsidized lunch


  • insert an inflation clause into the KS, we submitted the proposal to the company already in May of this year, but the company has not yet responded


  • stabilize and complete maintenance teams across the company to numbers where they can ensure production, perform preventive maintenance and train

If maintenance does not do preventive maintenance for a long time, does not train, does not renew habits (if it has any), if maintenance workers, both old and new, leave, and if they walk 15 to 18 thousand steps in a shift, it means that something is wrong. We have been pointing this out for more than half a year and the company has not responded. The result of this is the failure rate of the machines, a lot of overtime in production and a drop in production.

Working hours – beginning of production shifts

  • all production shifts must start at the same time, stop pointless starts on Sunday and Friday, i.e. 06:00-14:00, 14:00-22:00, 22:00-06:00


  • if the company believes that we demand too much from it, it can copy wages, bonuses and benefits from France, change working hours to 7 hours, and we have collective bargaining closed