I want to become a member

“We protect the interests of all employees regardless of their job position.”

Join us and become a member of the ” Independent labour union for maintenance and other employees” and support us with collective bargaining. Use the opportunity to influence your working conditions. We negotiate for all employees.

Put the completed application form in the box marked with our logo at the main entrance to the building, next to the workwear dispenser. You can also send form to email info@odboryoup.cz. Just take a picture or scan your application.

Application form

You can find the application form under the OÚP notice board at the labour union box. Another place to find applications is a table in the corridor at the gate.

Membership fee is 150 CZK per month.

Secret membership

Recently, we have received some suggestions from employees, who would like to support us and influence their working conditions, but they wish to stay undercover for some reason. These are executives and operators, who do not want their line managers to know about their labour union membership. We decided to offer these people the so-called “SECRET MEMBERSHIP” in our labour union. We were inspired by another automotive factory, where this secret labour union model has been working for several years.

Under paragraph 316, section 4, letter e) of the Labor Code, the employer may not in any way ascertain whether an employee is a member of a labour union.

How to become a secret OÚP member? And how much does it cost?

Just download the application form for the OÚP here or pick it up at the 601 canteen (next to the workwear dispensary) under the labour union’s notice board. Mark the completed application with the title “SECRET MEMBERSHIP” and place it in the box at the canteen 601.

Application form

The monthly membership fee is CZK 100 and payments are made by members from their own bank account. Neither payroll office nor the management of the company knows whether you are in the union or not. All data is strictly confidential and is not distributed anywhere!