Dear colleagues, unionists.

It is approximately two months, when the company communicated to you through GL, in which it reports and compares its results with other automotive plants in the Czech Republic and abroad in 2018. OÚP at that time did not comment on these materials and did not comment on them because it did not occur right time for some comparison. As the Collective bargaining is coming, we need to show our charts and notes from industry and over time, reveal the real results and comparisons in automotive as we see that. We have no idea where the company was taking the data – whether it was plucked out of the air or whether it was found on the sidewalk? We will be transparent and publish all our resources. Now we will focus on the comparison of salaries in the automotive industry in the Czech Republic as published by the EURO newspaper in its detailed article “How do Czech companies pay”. Yes, this article is little bit old – from November 2018, but HR was comparing and evaluating this year, so the charts should be the same. And since 1st of January 2019 there has been an increase in salaries in most of the companies of approximately 8 %, as has been in TPCA, so the current charts will be similar at the moment. If you compare our chart with the TPCA chart, you can not find TPCA on second place. And the money? On the contrary, we are crouching in the middle of the field and our suppliers have already overtaken us! It is clear to us that we can not compare us with our unrivalled neighbour from Mladá Boleslav, where a collective bargaining has already taken place with increasing 2500 CZK + bonuses, what is more than good (congratulations). But we can definitely try it – we have the results and orders for it. Dear, it is obvious that this data will be swept away and will be contested! But we also received similar information from AutoSAP. It is up to you which data you trust. The company determines the rules itself and does not take anyone into consideration – as it is now with the work calendars, where TPCA used to use “alignment period” and now the classic calendar. Unfortunately, with the agreement of the chairmen of OO KOVO and ASO.

Collective bargaining is approaching inexorably, we want to negotiate the best conditions for you, because you are doing great performance for this company. OÚP refused a trip of HR and all OO to TMUK, where the collective bargaining is well prepared. Of course so, if the HR department runs trade unions. Get inspired by a country where people don’t know what they want exactly (BREXIT!). We wanted to be inspired by TMMF, or by some nice company here in the Czech Republic – we do not have to go far – but that was not allowed. This step is an unnecessary waste of time and money for OÚP.

Trust us, we are with you!

Support OOP in Collective Bargaining for 2020!

Yours sincerely, the OU negotiating team.