Dear Colleagues,

on June 28, 2021, we continued our regular meetings with HR TMMCZ by discussing the following points:

  1. increase in wages since 2022, comparison with TMMF (Toyota France) – I asked the company to share facts from TMMF, wages, bonuses, benefits, surcharges,% of profit, etc.
  2. overtime and moving of working hours
  3. extra day off, according to years worked in the company
  4. Cabin paint shop – surcharges for this group of employees

We presented our findings from the TMMF from 2018, discussed the individual points and agreed that it would be good to provide detailed guidelines for all topics in order to obtain an absolute overview of salaries and bonuses in the TMMF. Since we have completely taken over the working std from TMMF, and after the company holiday we will start producing the same cars as in TMMF, we also want to be inspired by the remuneration and wage policy that has been applied in TMMF for a long time. If they can earn money for these wages and benefits at TMMF, there is no reason why we do not earn money for them at TMMCZ Kolín as well.

What we know from TMMF, in short.


  • overtime between shifts is done for a maximum of 35 minutes (working hours are 7 hours, three-shift operation)
  • overtime in production occurs in case of failures or in case of unsuitable climatic conditions, which makes it impossible to fulfill the production plan
  • overtime is then done on Saturday, Sunday or 35 minutes between morning and afternoon shift, after night shift it is max. 5 minutes
  • in case of overtime the salary is increased by 25% (planned overtime) or by 40% (unplanned overtime)
  • difference between planned and unplanned overtime: planned is announced in advance, unplanned is daily overtime

Point No. 1


  • 13th salary – this is an exchange for 5 minutes of daily work, which represents 50 minutes of development every 14 days. These 50 minutes are not for production, it is time for employees to do QCC, Kaizen activities, etc. It is paid in two payments and represents a monthly salary.
  • Share in profit – according to the formula for calculating the share, in accordance with the Labour Code. We handed over the formula to HR TMMCZ.
  • Corporate savings – based on 3 TMMF plant performance criteria, namely safety, quality, production. To measure it, a TME audit is performed (the number of accidents is monitored, the fulfillment of the production plan). It represents an average of EUR 700 per quarter – either it is paid or these funds are deposited with the fund manager, but then they are blocked for 5 years.

Point No. 2

Over time

We still have the same opinion here, thanks to our work calendar and constant production problems, there are already overtime std in this and the previous company. These overtime are happened due to poor quality technology and technological process. The technology, installed here, does not handle the required tact time and production requirements of the company’s management. Unfortunately, these problems are solving by operators, at overtime. Overtime is always the fault of technology, not the employee. And such overtime after a night shift will please everyone, both operators and company management. I’m not talking about the sixth night shift … We have been commenting on the work calendar since October 2020. We hope that the company’s management will finally change it and create one that will be bearable and bring us closer to the workload at TMMF.

Point No.  3

Extra vacation

We were considering another non-financial bonus, such as an extra day off for every 5 years worked.

Point No. 4

Paint shop cabin

We have dealt with the difficult working conditions of this group, which often changes, as no one will last long due to the difficulty. These employees paint in masks, gloves, special shoes. Even their preparation for work is problematic due to clothing. It is a very specific job, but paid as well as work in a T-shirt and summer pants anywhere in the company. We agreed with the management that we would try to find a way to properly appreciate this group.

We will continue our meetings with the company’s management and we will further clarify the details of the submitted topics from TMMF and others.

We are pleased that a “guaranteed bonus” will be paid out according to KS in the July salary.

And finally, a natural disaster in Moravia. OÚP sent a financial gift to the transparent account of the city of Hodonín, which can be verified at https://hodoní, Tornado 2021, Transparent account of the city of Hodonín. Payment was made on July 6, 2021.

For the OÚP, the chairman
Petr Bíba