Dear Colleagues,

OÚP has had two meetings with the company’s executive. One took place on 14 April 2021 and the other on 21 May 2021, the presidency and shop representatives took part on behalf of the OÚP.

The negotiations were held by OÚP in the mode of submitting topics where the company has been in breach of the collective agreement (KS) and the Labour Code (ZP) for a long time. Usually, it is failures to meet the deadlines or a non-response to the OÚP’s suggestions. Worth mentioning, for example, the non-sending of a “revision” of company guidelines, as early as January 1, 2018. Furthermore, the OÚP did not receive a response to the “Employee Complaint”, which was assigned to the company on 14 August 2020, and others.

It was absolutely crucial for us to introduce a new shift regime, and with it many other difficulties, when we tried to start negotiations on this issue on the basis of suggestions from employees. Unfortunately, our written request of 6 January 2021 was not answered and the employees felt problems on 1 January 2021. At this time the working group is running to address the issue.

At the meeting on April 14, 2021, we opened the issue of “quality work shoes” for TMMCZ employees. Since we have been dealing with this since the autumn and we did not have any feedback from the management, we decided to ask for a solution directly from the President. On May 21, 2021, we were introduced to the concept of including new “quality work shoes”, with which we are satisfied. It seems that the solution can be found if someone wants.

Furthermore, we had to defend ourselves against the actions of Mng HR, who contacted our legal representatives without our permission, which we consider to be unfair to OÚP’s partner. Unfortunately, his meeting took place with the knowledge of the company’s management. This behaviour with the knowledge of the company’s management is unacceptable for OÚP and beyond the bounds of decency. If it would happen again in the future, OÚP will terminate any negotiations with the current HR TMMCZ.

We also opened the issue of kindergarten for the children of employees, at the time of preparation for the start of the third shift. It was told us that the company was not dealing with this, but that it could focus on that. It did not happen.

We have also been solving the company’s guidelines for a long time, which are the basic material for its operation. At present, it is specifically the directive on city flats, on which we still have comments. Now the company has commented – the directive must be written simply so that it can be understood by all employees. We will see what it will look like in practice. There is already an agreement on the text of the directive and we consider it to be fair to all employees of the company. We also deal with directives on the topic “Crediting the performance bonus to the supplement to a fixed salary within the working time account” and “Surcharge for participation in every friday night, saturday morning or saturday afternoon shift within the working time account”, where there is no agreement even after videoconferencing and AK.

Furthermore, summer temperature sensors in shops are agreed with HS and HR. The minutes will be published on our notice boards, the agreement was created across the company and unions.

Due to the non-fulfillment of KS and ZP by the company, we decided not to join KV for the next year. After the experience of previous years, we will no longer sign a „blank check“ to a company that does not communicate with the OÚP in accordance with the KS, and thus violates it and ZP at the same time. This does not mean that we will not negotiate with the company in the future – we are primarily interested in being a satisfied employee and having the best possible conditions for their work – but it is not possible for us to sign a new KS if our partner does not meet the conditions. In this situation, perhaps only a person who does not perceive reality or lies to himself or to colleagues and employees on social networks would sign it. If the partnership confirmed by the signature of the chairman and the president of the company does not work, the relationship between the two organizations without signing will start to work and after a certain time the new KS may be signed.

However, I must state that after the meeting of 14 April 2021, the company began to negotiate with OÚP at a good level. I suppose that this is a way to improve relations and cooperation with the company.