Dear Colleagues,

On Monday, 6 September 2021, another meeting of the OÚP with HR TMMCZ took place, the content of which was another discussion and the submission of further suggestions for future mutual cooperation.

1) Clarification of two points from the last meeting:

  • why is the OÚP’s intention to switch to the remuneration scheme as applied in TMMF
  • extra day off, according to years worked in the company.

2) Reimbursement of overtime before and after the shift for all groups of employees, including all TMs, and change the registration of the attendance system by 5 minutes counting. Reimbursing everything that is out of working hours, the situation when it is worked on the line according to std, and others such as QC, kaizens, extra work or e.g. info from leaders which is not done in working hours.

3) For each month worked in the company, the employee “earns” 100 CZK, which in the sum of years worked in the company will be paid up to 60 +, if the employee starts in age of 30, it will be difficult to stay at this pace and busy on the line for another 30 years. Therefore, we suggest that after 15 years in the company, everyone, who leaves the company for any reason, will receive this amount.

4) “Z” account. It is still not clear to us why the amount of this account is set according to job positions, tariffs – the higher position – the higher amount. The explanations we have received, e.g. that it is a benefit that is part of the “variable part of the salary” and others, in our opinion, are not real. My variable component cannot be decided by the company for which I will use it. So we will ask about this below, we consider it as unfair bonus setting.
So far, we have not open the issue of a real increase in wages in employees’ tariffs, which will be one of the points of further negotiations.
We consider this meeting to be the last one to present our suggestions. We will continue to strive to meet with the company and search common solutions, always for the benefit of our employees.

OÚP Chairman,
Petr Bíba