this afternoon, May 10, 2021, a planned tour of the shops with representatives of labour unions took place in order to determine the places for reference thermometers to measure the heat load of employees for 2021.

The following took part on behalf of the unions:

– Mrs. Kleimondová (at the welding shop and paint shop) KOVO
– Mr. Mindžák (at the welding shop) ASO
– Mr. Bíba (at the welding shop and paint shop) OÚP

The resulting agreement is as follows:

1) Welding – the place for the reference thermometer was determined on the SM line, behind the WH workplace right, in the middle between the lines – so that it is not directly affected by air vents, air conditioning, welding or equipment temperature

For these purposes, the existing thermometer on the SM line, which is currently located on the B23 column, will be moved

The thermometers on UB and Final stay in their current positions, they will be used as additional for the next evaluation

2) Paint shop – a thermometer on the T / C Insp. line has been approved as a reference thermometer, in its current location

Thermometers on the In-line masking line (ex primer Insp.) and ED Insp. they will be used as additional for the next evaluation

3) Press shop, assembly, QC – unions do not contradict the current location, the control tour was not there, it was only verbally agreed by all