Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that on Thursday, June 25, 2020, took place a meeting with TPCA and our labour union with the participation of lawyers in order to resolve the issue of the guaranteed bonus. There has been a discussion, during which we tried to find a mutually acceptable solution. It means the solutions, which takes into account the effects of the coronavirus crisis on TPCA, but also gives employees the assurance that they are guaranteed the right to an amount corresponding to the guaranteed bonus.

Next week will take place further negotiations to help us bridge the different perspectives. In our point of view, it is possible to combine the views of both parties without anyone having to give up their legitimate interests. Of course, this does not change the attitude of our labour union, ie to defend the legitimate collective interests of employees, and we are willing to help anyone who requests it in resolving any work situation.

We will inform you about the next steps and results. Now we would like to ask you (at least until next week) for patience. Both our labour union and TPCA are working intensively on the guaranteed bonus so that you should wait as short time as possible. We assure you that we continue with solving the issue of the guaranteed bonus and we believe, that future will confirm this.

Best regards,
Independent labour union for maintenance and other workers