Dear Colleagues,

We would like to briefly inform you that the attitude of the company’s management towards the guaranteed bonus has not changed in recent weeks. For this reason, we started, in cooperation with lawyers, enforcing its surcharge for those colleagues who decided not to leave the matter. We supposed, that the guaranteed bonus has been reduced withou justification, and the company has so far refused to talk to us about it. We therefore had to choose whether to keep our promise and invite the relevant authorities to a mutual dialogue with the management.

We are pleased to announce you, that a pre-litigation summons will be issued against TPCA’s management in the coming days, which will also be the last warning for the company before we go to court to consider this issue. Even though we don’t really want to sue the company, during the half a year, its opinion was not reconsidered. After repeated consultations and meetings with the company, we are convinced that the company simply did not have the right to such a reduction of the bonus.

We therefore hope that, based on this fact and the pre-litigation challenge, the company’s management will be willing to re-establish a dialogue and reconsider its tough economic stance. Given that our field is not significantly affected by the second wave of coronavirus infection, the current defense of TPCA is completely disappearing. We respect the current attitude and opinion of the company. However, if it is not willing to resign from its position, the court will have to decide on the legitimacy of its action.

We will continue to inform you about the further development. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of executive of our labour union, who will be willing to provide you with further information.

Petr Bíba,
Chairman of OÚP executives