Information for employees regarding the process procedure for the guaranteed bonus for the 1st half of 2020


we would like to share with you this brief information regarding the further procedure of the OÚP in the matter of the guaranteed bonus for the first half of 2020. As we got the impression from some of you that we left this matter, we assure you, that we continue in the procedure published in the “Questions and Answers” in the summer. Together with OÚP lawyers, we are already finishing legal procedure so we can force the company’s management to sit at the negotiating table once again. We would still like to make a reasonable agreement with the management.

We are aware that the our preparation maybe takes a quite long time, however, the reason is that the preparation of documents is a time-consuming matter and we have little by little obtained the necessary attachments from you, which also need to be incorporated. However, we are in regular contact with lawyers, and we have been assured, that we have their full support in defending your rights. On the other hand, we agree with them that we want to proceed with the maximum care in the implementation of individual steps so that we do not neglect anything, and really help you with this matter as much as possible.

Thank you for your patience and the support and cooperation you have provided – we really appreciate it. We believe the results of our actions you will see as soon as possible. But we still want a truce between us and the company – but it is not just up to us.

Petr Bíba, chairman