Dear colleagues, unionists,

last week I sent you, among other things, information about my termination of chairman of OUP and lot of questions followed. And here is the answer: For a long time I was dissatisfied with the company’s approach and solution to my person – with working hours, when I worked a lot of overtime hours which were not compensated, and even did not reflect my comments. Another bad topic was my bonus, what was shortened, and nobody of HR could make the decomposition of my salary and explain it to me. I tried to solve these problems, but the company played and still play possum. The only response that came was to abolish of fully released chairman and replacing it by one-third release. Nor this solution probably does not final for OUP, because the conditions of this partial releasing are really far from one-third, and will consist of many other releases. We are waiting for three months and let´see. It is possible I leave without any release.

The coming summer and not solved cooling of production plants is problem, that quite bothers us. Impulse for solving this issue I filed for OÚP 20. 6. 2018. Yes, you are reading right. And what has really happened? We are currently nine months older and what has changed? How much have the solution process moved? What company solved during this period and what are the solutions to this problem?

The first step what the company made was to gave rise a „commission“ what was meeting and dealing this problem for the whole TPCA for a nine months and the result is very positive for all of us – „the spring´s already came”, the problem is still in process and this summer we will be “roasting” us on moved shifts. A big luck have „hopefully“ on the lacquers shop – there were found the treasure – the air condition has installed there since the build of the company, but then approx. three years of production was turned off, so that employees can not enjoy a comfortable job. However, this year it could work so this year the employees who roasted themselves last year could try a comfortable as their managers from offices. Unfortunately, it’s not at all workplaces at lacquers shop. And what else was solved by this commission? What about another shops? The official statement does not exist, but supposedly it should „invest“ and deal with summer temperatures at the welding shop, which would be very good, but it is not yet confirmed and nobody have officially said which kind of technology is planned to use.

And what about assy? There, after nine months, found out that they had a bad luck. They just haven’t earned enough money of for purchasing the air conditioning for fifteen years of hard work and overtimes. Assy is due to „commission“ again at the beginning, nine months older and loss of these nine months already gets it into a difficult situation. At the shop meeting the Assy´s management said, that they will try to solve this problem on their own. So let’s hope they succeed. Loss of nine months, not/activity of this dear „commission“ when the only one positive point is finding that they have own equipment (on lacquers). But, unfortunately, GM during lunch box on employee´s question for air conditioning had not any idea what he was asking for and what AC he was talking about. It was one of the proof that the „commission“ that should deal with the AC on the company-level does not have an overview of their own equipment in the shop, let alone adding the study of cooling at the company-level, unfortunately.

There are also departments like Logistics Assy, where they openly told them about moved shifts to June, despite of the AC or cooling won´t be solved there. Just quick and simple solution. But they don´t forget to tell them how many work positions will be saved and how their productivity will increase. Only positive things. Due to this approach, one representative of OÚP already resigned, because the situation in the company is physically and psychologically unbearable. The company has certainly some backup option for cooling of production halls – one of them tried out last year, when it drew drinking water to the roof. In this critical period of drought they made this luxury – it is the highest level of barbarity, contempt for the nature and water resources. Who would do it at home for his money … It should not happen in a green factory! There is another factory near to Kolín, who employs approximately 1,200 people and there they are working in air-conditioned hall for several years at nice temperature of 23 ° C. The company have started production five years later than our, management is Czech as well, but the owner is a Korean – is that the problem?

Expression of distrust to HR – yes, this conclusion I said HR at the beginning of the March with additional statement that the OUP would like to meet with the president of the company. But this was impossible, apparently, first of all let’s meet HR and explain the situation – unfortunately, this promise has not been fulfilled. So this is the Toyota Way in TPCA meaning. For a long time I owe a lot of responses to OUP members and I am sorry, but the company does not communicate with us, or they rather communicate only in the situation when they need us, unions, by law. We have been noticed this change of approach since the beginning of the year and we relate it to leaving of ex-GM HR, who has always communicated with our union and its efforts was to keep the social peace. It’s an unpleasant situation, but we are approaching this way of HR game and we will communicate with it just as it does with OUP – via facebook and our web site, and only within the law responsibilities.

What may I say as a conclusion? Well, only that we are glad that this year will end current KS, and we will discuss a new one. There are more suggestions then enough.


Petr Bíba