On 26 September 2019, we submitted a proposal for a collective agreement for 2020. We know this is a very ambitious proposal and we will do our best to fulfill it as much as possible.

Thank you for your support,
OÚP negotiation team


Labour union organizations, in accordance with the above-mentioned in this Specification, acquaint TPCA with topics for the purpose of negotiating the conclusion of The new Collective Agreement, thus the collective bargaining within the meaning of the relevant provisions of Act No. 2/1991 Coll., On Collective Bargaining, as amended.

Validity of the collective agreement: Validity and taking effect of The new collective agreements are proposed by the Labour Unions for a period of one year, from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

Wages and bonus for employees

  • overall increase the basic part of wages of each tariff categories by 15% in comparison to the situation valid on the date of delivery of this Specification;
  • introduction of a monthly wage bonus for TPCA employees working at a forced working pace within the meaning of § 31, part 3 of Government Regulation No. 361/2007 Coll., which define the conditions of occupational health protection, as amended, in the amount of CZK 1 000;
  • overall increase of the guaranteed bonus (the so-called 13th salary) by CZK 3 000;
  • revision and change of percentage calculations to calculate the final bonus amount (variable wage component); List in KS.
  • increase of the salary bonus for the Saturday production shift (Part II, Chapter 1, Article 3, paragraph 3.4.3. Existing Collective Agreement) to CZK 1 500 for each Saturday production shift (hereinafter as the “Saturday special working shift bonus”);
  • introduction of extra bonus for special production shift of CZK 2 000 for each extra production shift (hereinafter referred to as “Special working shift bonus”);
  • introduction of employee choice whether to pay a Saturday special working shift bonus and a Special working shift bonus into wage bonus or to transfer it to a Z-account;
  • an increase in overtime bonus to 75% of average earnings;
  • increase the contribution to CZK 200 per month for each month of work in the company, see the Guideline (to be stated in full meaning in the Collective Agreement) and the introduction of the possibility to pay this contribution after 10 years of work in the company, including the time worked in the senior 60+ program;
  • increase the value of meal vouchers provided to employees as a form of meal allowance from CZK 80 to CZK 120.

Working hours and working conditions

  • shortening the balancing period with uneven working hours to 26 weeks;
  • prohibition of additional shifts and rescheduled shifts to Saturdays;
  • introduction of a working week for production workers from Monday to Friday (ie a ban on planning regular production shifts on days other than Monday to Friday);
  • Introduction of a 10-minute break between morning and afternoon shifts;
  • introduction of a maximum weekly overtime work limit in the afternoon shift of 80 minutes per week maximum and a ban on overtime work for shifts scheduled for Friday (Friday afternoon production shifts);
  • ensuring the temperature in the production halls from 18 ° C to 28 ° C;
  • guaranteed work for maintenance in continuous working mode.

Employee benefits

  • setting of rules for automatic promotion, grounded in the Collective Agreement;
  • increase the bonus of 50+ to Z account to 5 000 points;
  • leave for all employees at TPCA of 6 weeks per calendar year;
  • Sick days for tariff employees ranged in home office mode with wage compensation equal to average earnings.
  • 1 day per year for the care of a child under 15 years and 1 day per year for the care of a person older than 65 years; can be taken only as a indisposition or home office
  • an increasing days of leave to be taken by the employee at his discretion to 10 days per calendar year;
  • In the quarterly performance evaluation of employees older than 50 years, introducing an obligation to ask whether the employee is managing the pace of work. If not, to inform the relevant labour union and in collaboration with the group leader (GL, HR) offer this employee less demanding job position;
  • increase bonus after reach the work anniversary, so that it will be paid on the occasion of the employment anniversary of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years, corresponding to the length of employment x CZK 1 000; rule to be introduced from 2019 onwards.
  • set the system of increasing points into a Z-account based on seniority by including the length of employment beyond 5 years according to the following scheme, which regulates the method of increasing the existing seniority account:

Labour union rights and other points

  • increase of time off to prepare a collective agreement proposal before the start of collective bargaining by 50 hours, with wage compensation equal to the average earnings;
  • the cancelation of the following obligations contained in the current Collective Agreement: Point 7;
  • take over all obligations under the New Collective Agreement and hence the related TPCA guidelines when changing the owner of the TPCA plant;
  • in case of termination of employment with an employee, notice of termination due to organizational reasons pursuant to the provisions of § 52 letter a) or b) of the Labor Code, the obligation of TPCA to grant to the TPCA employee affected by this notice at least 24-multiple his average monthly earnings.